2 Women, 1 Vision


Lorenda Carr, founder of Spiritual Insight Guidance Network (S.I.G.N.), has strived to perfect her Tarot-reading skills, adapting her intuitive gifts to the needs of the moment. Utilizing Tarot, numerology, intuition, and divine guidance, Lorenda helps others become the best version of themselves and learn the lessons offered in this lifetime. 

Offering divine inspiration, validation, and guidance, her practice helps others continue forward motion, growth, and transformational change. Lorenda is a messenger, not an interpreter. She will provide insight to paths and their corresponding lessons which clients ultimately choose; however, she will not give a “set-in-stone” future that lacks choice. Her messages come from a place of light and love, and her clients appreciate her positive, gentle, yet honest approach. This encouraging and in-depth method aims to help others recognize their own power and find their path. 

Lorenda has done readings for people all over the world. In addition to offering private readings, Lorenda is a certified reader for BiddyTarot, one of the premier and most trusted online Tarot reading websites. Lorenda continues to hone her practice through study and is constantly working toward more certifications.

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Dana Vance is an Intuitive Empath and Intuitive Life Coach. She reads Oracle. Tarot and Lenormand cards and is the author of her first original Oracle Deck called The Celebration Oracle,

All about helping people create opportunities and learning to follow their dreams to become the masters of their own universe. Dana combines the intuitive and spiritual process with Life coaching. Transformation, Health and Wellness, and general get your shit together strategies are her areas of expertise,  designed to help you achieve physical, emotional and spiritual balance, find the gifts in the chaos and determine what you are willing to sacrifice to master the Art of Living.

She has read, coached and mentored people all over the globe with her no nonsense, sprinkled with humor approach for decades.