The Gift

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

My heart....

I don't know that it's much of a bargain... it's the kind of thing you'd find all dusty on a shelf in the back room of a second hand store, or in a box in a barn, where all the family shit gets stored and forgotten after they die. Broken, abused, repaired a few times, a few bits missing. Perhaps even a little discolored, Until someone comes along and finds it. They dust it, shine it up a little, look past the cracks and chips and see it for how it's meant to be.

Maybe the gift is not in the broken. The genuine gift is in the one with the eyes to see past the dust and broken bits. Not everyone has this gift. But it only takes one; the right one. The one that understands that its real beauty is not about its pristine condition or lack of cracks and missing bits that give it value. The real beauty is that, despite its journey, its history, its lack of luster, it still works. It still loves.

Maybe it was never broken at all. Maybe it was just wounded by other wounded hearts. Maybe the one with The Gift was all that was needed to help it heal and forgive.

Maybe you didn't even know that The Gift is you.

You are enough.

#forgiveness #woundednotbroken #themostimportantgift #youareenough

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