S.I.G.N. Session readings are SPECIAL! Limited in size, you get an intuitive reading from ALL 3 of the Women of S.I.G.N. You also get to be present for other's readings. One of the most common comments we get is, "I got something from every single reading!" S.I.G.N. Sessions are great for so many things. 

First and foremost, they're FUN! Here's 10 more reasons they're great...

  • Seeing a reading for the first time

  • Sharing a reading with one or more of your friends

  • Practical Life Lessons

  • Emotional Healing

  • FUN

  • Making NEW Friends

  • Living in Alignment

  • FUN

  • Learning to Trust Your Intuitions

  • Personal Growth

And did I happen to mention...

They're FUN! 

S.I.G.N. Sessions happen typically once a month. You can sign up to attend one, or you can sign up to attend one on special days. You can come to all of them if you want to. S.I.G.N. Sessions belong to you. You can attend as often as you like.

You will feel Loved, Welcome and 


Sessions cost $30, have limited seating and you must register for them in advance. Just tap that lovely link below, register, mark your calendar and prepare yourself to be amazed. 

Register for YOUR S.I.G.N. Session